Funny Dance Travels Around the World

My friend Bill Stoller (and PR guru brainchild of Publicity Insider) sent me a video link to a guy doing a funny dance around the world. Click on Read More for the sensational story of the self proclaimed deadbeat who has travelled around the world to produce his wacky videos (viewed over 17 million times), his confession that the dance video was a hoax and his following interview admitting the hoax claim was a hoax...

Matt Harding, originally from Connecticut, worked in game development until February 2003 when he quit is job in Brisbane, Australia and used the money he saved up to travel. Matt's friends and colleagues were all too familiar with his wacky dance, a move he admits he never improved beyond the skills he had at age 6.

On his trip to Asia, his friend suggested recording the dance and it came out funny. That's what Matt thought. And that's what allot of people who watched the video online thought as well. By the time he realized how "quasi-famous" he was, the people at Stride Gum became aware of him. When he suggested he would take a trip around the world and record his funny dance they gave him a thumbs up. In 2006 Matt's trip took him through 39 countries in 6 months, dancing across 7 continents.

His latest video was viewed over 17 million times. This time around, in "Dancing 2008" he is joined by many more fans in the places where he visits. Take a look at Matt's video:

In Entertainment Gathering '08 (EG) Matt made an appearance and described how he "suckered" the world into believing his video was real by submerging a Boeing 727 in order to simulate a spacewalk and hiring an army of robots in order to maintain a level of secrecy around his project. Take a look:

And here is the final clip for your entertainment pleasure: This is Matt's interview with David Pogue, technology columnist for New York Times at MacWorld in which he has allot of fun describing his ridiculous presentation at EG and how his Hoax was really a Hoax.

Nice work, Matt! Keep on dancing.

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