Worlds Highest Resolution HD VR System

Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada is getting a new toy from Lockheed Martin: a training dome providing a 220-degree horizontal field of view. The virtual trainer dome used by JTAC TRS utilizes technology developed by MetaVR and Mersive Technologies' camera-based calibration for warping and bending the multi-projector display. Read the rest of the article for amazing photos and videos of this system.

The prototype dome built by Lockheed Martin uses 19 virtual reality scene generator (VRSG) channels, 14 of which are for the dome itself. The unique geometric structure requires compensation by the VRSG to distort the image before going into the projector (in a process known as distortion correction).

Some other nifty tricks this technology pulls off include "edge blending": in areas where the projectors overlap the image becomes brighter. Edge blending solves for this undesired effect.

Click on the image below to enlarge:

And to see it in action:

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