Cool Gadget: Ceiva Frames

I know: picture frames that read the various types of camera cards are pretty common. I came across a unique frame at my local "Best Buy": Ceiva. These frames have internet connectivity built-in (either by dial-up phone/modem or ethernet). The owner of the frame pays an anual subscription fee to the Ceiva service and can then invite as many people as they want to send photos to their frame. So if you park one of these in your parents' home then once a day the frame "connects" and retrieves any new photos.

I got two frames: one for my parents and another for grandma - both live in Israel. Though the company does not offer support outside US, Canda and UK - if you purchase the ethernet capable frame then it doesn't really matter where the frame is - as long as it is connected to the internet via the built-in connector. Don't rely on the dial-up version if you plan to use the frame outside these 3 countries - go for the ethernet or Wi-Fi capable frame, and make sure you have wired/wireless connectivity where the frame will be placed.

All my siblings now have free accounts with the Ceiva service, and we can all send photos to either frames at any time. A cool photo of my 4 month old son? Login, drag-n-drop to Ceiva's Java application and select which frame to send it - done!

Ceiva also allows you to create a dedicated email address for your frame - so I can email photos from my cell phone directly to either frame.

Nicely done Ceiva!


Mel said...

Fascinating! What a great use for a gadget that unites camera, computer, internet and family.

Anonymous said...

very good!