Honda's Musical Highway

An interesting experiment in viral marketing: Honda carved grooves on a section of road in Lancaster, California so that when a Honda Civic drives over it, the tires generate what sounds like the "William Tell Overture." A sign was placed near the road section indicating it was a Honda musical road.

Unfortunately the section chosen was too close to the nearby neighbors who complained that the noise was "driving" them crazy. As a result, Honda ended up paving over the grooves on September 23rd. Rumor has it that they are looking for another spot to try this out again. Here is a UGC video of the road section and what the effect sounds like:

Despite the glitch with the neighbors, it seems like Honda was able to trigger the viral word of mouth. A quick search on Youtube with the keywords "Lancaster Music Road" yields 40 hits.


isponsor said...

Maybe the neighbors should have been consulted. Then, true interactivity would have been better served.

But wouldn't it be easier if Honda simply provide the transponder for the toll road drivers. That would simply be music to drivers' ears.

And for those stuck in traffic on the freeways, hearing the slow version of that rap song might actually be better for understanding the words, at least for some.

Anonymous said...

Look at the surroundingsl. Where are the neighbors? It looks pretty desolate too me. Somebody always has to bitch about something or they're never happy.

Mike - Texas