Flash Panormas: 360 VR Player

One of the best examples of Flash panorama players I have seen is the one developed by a Russian programmer, Denis V. Chumakov. I first demonstrated how to develop a VR player in Flash 2001 (See "How to create a 360 image with public domain tools, and wrap it in a custom player" on FlashKit). I am duly impressed by Denis' flash implementation. It is a truly re-usable component with extremely powerful features.

The flexible component costs ~$65 and takes 30 minutes to master and enables the designer to load QTVR (QuickTime VR) files, and layer static images, videos and other flash movies on top of the 360 immersive environment. As an example I created a VR tour of one of the sets from the tv show "Heroes" (Issac's art studio) that allows the visitor to roam around a virtual reality environment, view a video playing on the door or click on any of the pictures I positioned on the artist's table. Once clicked, the photos pop up in 3D in front of the user, allowing them to interact with it.

Want to see an example of how the component can be used? Check out La Boutique (Click on the link to load it in a new window - it works better than the embedded version below):

For more information about the component, go to: http://flashpanoramas.com/

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