New Ad Units on FaceBook

AdAge reports that three advertisers are beta-testing a new ad-unit delivery platform on Facebook: "Engagement Ads". Adding to the plethora of confusing ad unit options available to advertisers, these new units allow users to take actions without leaving a page. For example: the user can click on the ad image and as a result a video player opens in-line. Another user action is commenting on the video (which becomes visible to your entire friend list).

The new brand interaction model will require brand marketers to staff themselves properly to react to user actions. The comments are an opportunity for users to draw attention to the ad by drawing attention to themselves. Brand marketers will need to be on the watch for potentially critical comments and immerse themselves in the community they create around their ad.

This is a step away from the pay-per-click model in which an advertisement is a static object subject to market forces and truly engages the audience to respond.

Think about some of the comments you would post for the viral videos I shared with you in my prior post: Viral Videos

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