Flock Social Browser

I have been using the Beta version of Flock - a browser with the Firefox "engine" - and am getting addicted. If you use YouTube, RSS feeds, Facebook and other social features you are losing out by not checking this browser out.

Some of the features I like:

Web Clipboard: allows you to drop blocks of text or photos for easy inclusion into your email or to save for later use. The clipboard opens as a task pane on your left and retains your clippings

People Sidebar: Logs in to your stored social network accounts and gives you up to date information about their status, alert you when they uploaded new media and gives you social network actions directly from within the sidebar

Flock has all the other features you expect from a modern browser: remembering username/passwords (works better than Firefox's own and IE); When you close and reopen - all prior browser tabs are reloaded, etc

There are some slight bugs in the beta version I tested (v2.0b2), specifically that sometimes the browser back buttons don't work , but I use the mouse back button or the Alt-LeftKey shortcut to circumvent that. I assume it will be fixed in the final release.

Flock 2 Beta Download

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