HitBliss: a game changer in advertising sponsored content

HitBliss is coming out of stealth mode four years into its development. HitBliss carries premium content from NBCU and Warner bros (to begin with) and offers an alternative to Netflix and Hulu that completely separates content viewing from advertising: rather than interrupting content play with pre-rolls or mid rolls, users can view ads when they want to accrue credits that can be applied to uninterrupted content viewing.

This is a significant game changer for a few reasons: 1) users voluntarily view ads and can select which ads to view (the company has spent a considerable amount if time in testing with 159 alpha testers to address any gaming of the ad viewing including software hooks). So I can watch ads on the way to work on my spare time and then view the content at home uninterrupted. 2) because users are "paying" to watch content studios consider this transactional viewing and are more apt to give fresh and Newley released content.

What do you think about HitBliss? Will it be the Hulu killer?

Original post on fast company: HitBliss launches Hulu competitor that turns ads into currency

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