Big data means big business: Understanding the media and consumer opportunities

Amit Seth of Nielsen walked us through a research company's view of big data and its application on publishers and brand marketers.

His first point was Nielsen's drive to develop a common set of metrics across all the platforms that Nielsen operates on (both the "buy" side of retail and the "watch" side. Nielsen collects data from facebook (who saw the ad), panels and ad delivery platforms.

Their "cross platform online campaign ratings" - a system with an extensive API that delivers campaign data directly into the advertiser's data systems.

The data helps understand what watchers buy. When you combine buying habits with analytics which have helped ABC increase the performance of their upfronts. Nielsen now provides campaign audience duplication reports. And recently the understanding of social media. To understand how complex this issue is you need to look at the data created in social media. People tweet about content they view, content which is monitored by Nielsen's other ratings services. Nielsen acquired social guide and have a partnership with twitter to deliver "social TV ratings" - what the social media tells us about the viewers such as social guide, audience affinities,

Nielsen bridges online and offline worlds via research, interfaces with other systems

Amit Seth

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