Get your kids addicted!

Max Porter and Ru Kuwahata are a motion animation duo known as Tiny Inventions. They have created an incredibly addictive animation titled "Electric Car". If you have young kids at home beware! This video is very highly addictive and will get everyone singing and clapping along, including you:

The "making-of" video uncovers the artistic talent they put into creating the movie's sets from scratch using found objects, sohpisticated 3D photography and a workflow in Adobe After Effects that truly pushes the software to its limits. Check this out:

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If you are as interested (as I am) in how they pulled this off then I have the goods for you! They published a video in association with Red Giant Software who makes the plug ins for After Effects used in the making of most sophisticated motion graphics videos. Here is a link to how they photographed hundreds of set ups to recreate the 3D look and feel and the script based pre-comps in After Effects to achieve true puppeteering of the 2.5D figures.

The behind-the-scenes of "Electric Car"

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