NY Video Meetup

Check out the video from the May 2010 NY Video Meetup. I was a member of the judging panel. There were 6 cool products/technologies introduces. The panel included folks in venture capital and we went for the company that presented the most mature business model: Sunday Sky - which produces data drive rich video demos for websites. Imagine B&H running a video that is customized to every single product on their website, based on the information present on the page. They do this by creating a video template that is then executed against the page and remains live so changes to specs and pricing for products dynamically updates the video for the product.

The audience went for the company with the coolest demo - Interlude: a non linear music video which allows the user to determine the outcome of the music video interactively in one of 256 possible combinations. To see the Interlude demo move the video to 01:07:00 (one hour, 7 minutes)

Watch live streaming video from nyvideo at livestream.com

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