"The Shining": A masterful comedy

As advertising models are shattered and advertisers pursue the audience in bold new ways, lets not forget the power of the image. Here is a video I came across that demonstrates how editing can radically change the tone of a film. I present to you "The Shining" (a cult Stanley Kubric horror film from 1980 starring Jack Nicholson) recut as a romantic comedy. This video clip was created by Robert Ryang of ps260 production studios. Enjoy!


Jeff Piotrowski said...


I always found these recuts extremely humorous; it definitely illustrates the "formula" many studios follow for marketing a film, dictated by the genre they'd like to classify it as.

Here is another recut for the Robin Williams comedy, "Mrs. Doubtfire", posed as a thriller:


There is also a recut of "Top Gun", positioned as a romance:


Thanks for a funny start to my Thursday!

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Jeff Piotrowski

@gelbendorf said...

funny... last night I saw a promo to Shining in my cable and It reminded me the YouTube version - which I think was a brilliant demonstration of the power of soundtrack.
It's the first time I see the gay version of Top Gun that Jeff mentions above, and I love it. Well done. Tom Cruise is such an easy target...