Gigapixel Photography

My friend, Ran Margalit, shared a link to Gigapixel's site. These guys create 1 billion pixel photos, nearly 150 times the resolution of a 6 megapixel camera using 8x10' film scanning and tiling a large number of photographs. They then use a flash tile streaming app to let the user zoom in.

In the photo of Vancouver yaltetown condos (featured at the top of this article) I was able to zoom in on the furthermost apartments and see the paintings hanging on the walls, truly impressive!

The company's site has this to say about potential uses:

"Gigapixel photographs are ideal for tourism, real-estate, architecture,
medical imaging, archiving, and documenting special events. High-resolution
images create the impression of "being there" by immersing the viewer within the
scene. The extreme level of detail captured in a gigapixel image allows
artifacts to be accurately preserved for future generations."

Here is the link to their image gallery and company site: Gigapixel Photography

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