Studio Incorporates Viral Networking Techniques

Rakontur Films, a small Miami production house, has released several indie hits over past 3 years. Their most recent release of "Cocaine Cowboy 2" was launched using a street-smart marketing strategy that enlisted viewers as promoters using social networking as their platform.

With full coverage in Business Week and over 300,000 views on YouTube, here is how they do it:

YouTube: They post the first 10 minutes of a film a week before it comes out automatically pinging hip-hop blogs and post series and day-after video of Rakontur parties.

They post all of the behind-the-scenes photo stills from film shoots, giving teasers for fans and media.

Twitter: The duo uses this for mobile blogging, posting quick thoughts and Blackberry-shot photos.

Facebook and MySpace: They send out blast updates, pics, and videos while seeking comments and sequel suggestions.

Friendfeed: They use this service to aggregate and publish all of the above-mentioned social networking activities into one feed.

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