Jerry Seinfeld Microsoft Commercial

With early customer difficulties in using Vista, Microsoft trying to revive the Windows brand identity and respond to Mac vs. PC ads which poke fun at Window's latest operating system.

The advertisements feature humorous conversations between Seinfeld and Bill Gates and the initial spot made its debut tonight during the NFL Kick-Offs, titled "Future Delicious".

The campaign was developed by ad agency Crispin, Porter + Bogusky at an estimated cost of $300 million. But can Microsoft's market woes be addressed with another marketing campaign?

Microsoft will begin hiring "window gurus" who ill be stationed in Best Buys and Circuit City Stores to assist customers. Already 150 of these "Gurus" were hired in anticipation of this year's holiday season.
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Dean Paris said...

That is pretty funny... $300 mil, most of which probably went to Jerry's fee. I usually like commercials that he's in, but this one really didn't do anything for me at all, bad writing. Even more funny is that Jerry had a Mac of one kind or another on his apartment desk on his show for 11 years!!

Tiran said...

Apparently they filmed an entire series. Let's hope the next ones are better than this one...