A girl, her tongue and a hotel room

The people who created the viral marketing piece titled "A girl, her tongue & a hotel room" for Extended Stay hotels have crossed the line between viral and bad bad taste. In the video, which was flagged as unsuitable for minors on YouTube, a woman licks nearly every accessory in her hotel room in a porno-esque video. The majority of people who have viewed the video were utterly disgusted and walked away with the exact opposite impression it was intended to create: that Extended Stay hotels is a pretty dirty place which strangers have licked your remote, telephone and kitchenware.

One of the funniest reactions comes from a user who, after watching the video, was curious to learn about the company - found out that in March this year Racin poison was found at extended stay hotel (exstay.com):


How fitting that a hotel where a virus was found is scrambling to ameliorate its brand by...using a tasteless viral campaign?! The final blow: I was not even able to browse to Extended Stay's website because our company network has the site blacklisted...

Warning: this is truly not in good taste and may leave you with an upset stomach, but here is the link to the video.

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