Global Lean Six Sigma Summit

You are invited to join me at the conference where I will be co-presenting with John Sabino, SVP Commercial Operations on the topic "NBC Universal Case Study on Streamlining Sales Processes". The conference takes place on October 14-17 in Orlando, FL.

In the first quarter of 2007, NBC Universal’s Strategic Initiatives & Analysis (SIA) in conjunction with Ad Sales Commercial Excellence Team launched a major transformation initiative to streamline sales processes across eight cable, TV and digital properties. Recognizing new market needs, NBCU’s new strategy and resulting capabilities created a strong platform for growth and a shared vision across a traditionally silo organization. In this sales operations case study we will explore the cultural challenges facing SIA and the use of simple yet powerful process improvement tools and methods to drive ground-breaking change.

Furthermore, we will share some of the strategic changes that NBCU is making to transform its advertising sales models to create new value for its customers and the required cultural, organizational, and process changes that are underway to unlock future commercial opportunities.

Link to information on the conference website: http://www.wcbf.com/quality/5087/

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