Henrik Kniberg's "SCRUM & XP from the trenches"

Henrik Kniberg has put together a wonderful document on his experience deploying SCRUM & XP. This 80 page document provides detail documentation of the artifacts, planning and problem solving that every product owner, team and scrum master face in their sprint planning towards a release.

Practitioners of Agile are faced with many dilemas in their implementation. Is an upgrade to my bug tracker a legitimate backlog item? How should we make our estimates? What happens if we are wrong? How do you handle sprint planning meetings that never end? Henrik gives real-world answers to real-world dilemas in a light hearted, easy to read manifesto testiment to the things that worked for him and his teams.

Henrik has been generous to offer this document in the public domain, available here.

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Henrik said...

It is no longer a draft :o)